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A Heart for Giving

And there’s an added bonus – our events do more than just boost your spirits; they support a cause very dear to me – Sunflowers Suicide Support. By joining in, you’re not just embarking on a personal wellness journey; you’re also throwing a lifeline to those in need.

Join the Adventure

So, if you’re looking to break away from the daily hustle, keen to explore new wellness avenues, or simply in search of a friendly community, the Cotswolds Wellness Hub is here for you. Let’s enjoy the beauty of the Cotswolds together, discover new wellness paths, and make a meaningful impact along the way. 


Here’s to health, adventure, and making every moment truly count, for ourselves and for others!

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About Me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Mark, the brains and heart behind the Cotswolds Wellness Hub.


If you’ve ever felt a pull towards the great outdoors, a need for a bit of peace and quiet, or a craving for genuine community vibes, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

My journey, fuelled by a deep love for nature, wellness, and a desire to make a real difference, has led me to create a place where these passions converge.

I've witnessed firsthand how nature and well-being can profoundly transform us. This insight sparked the idea for the Cotswolds Wellness Hub – a no-fuss, welcoming space for everyone. I'm here as a self-care advocate encouraging you to find and do what makes you happy, and let's put it on repeat! 

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